Since April 29, Russia has blocked the entry of ships into the main Ukrainian port

kiev (EFE) – Since last April 29, Russia has not allowed any ship destined to enter the Black Sea load cereal in the main port of Ukraine, Pivdenniy, was condemned today by Andrey Stavnitser, CEO of TIS Group, the operator in charge of this port, in statements to EFE.

“The last two inspections of ships on the way to Pivdenniy were carried out on April 29,” Stavnitser said, referring to checks carried out in the Bosporus of ships using the Black Sea corridor agreed with Russia by Turkey and the UN to allow the export of Ukrainian grain.

According to the Pivdenniy port operator, Russia’s refusal to carry out these inspections led to the blockade of 1.5 million tons of grain and vegetable oil they are waiting for the arrival of the ships in the storage infrastructure of the port.

At the moment, Stavnitser added, a total of 26 ships are waiting in the Bosphorus for Russia to allow them to enter the Black Sea and load Ukrainian grain at the port of Pivdenniy, which is located near Odessa and has 50 percent of its capacity. port infrastructure.

One of these ships plans to load 60 thousand tons of corn from the port of Pivdenniy and is destined for Spain.

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They condemn the blockade of ships that would load grain

Although Russia agreed to continue with the extension Agreement on grain To open a corridor that allows the export of Ukrainian grain by sea, the Russian authorities use the blockade of inspections to continue to sabotage the departure of Ukrainian agricultural products, which Kiev has repeatedly condemned.

According to the CEO of TIS, who is also a co-owner of the group, Russia is using this tactic to “eliminate Ukraine as a competitor” in global agri-food industry.

The operator of Ukraine’s main port has called on Turkey and the UN to intervene so that Russia fulfills its obligations under the Grain Agreement.

Pivdenniy, Chornomorsk and Odesa are three Ukrainian seaports that Russia undertook to unblock when signing the Grain Agreement.

Photo: EFE/EPA/Manuel de Almeida

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