Smart beer for the heart

The PB Creative agency designed the image of Hmeljno srce beer, a product that seeks to break the negative image of the drink.

International. – New trends in alcohol consumption show that consumers are opting for healthier alternatives and putting quality before quantity.

To address this trend, PB Creative introduced Hop Heart, a craft beer brand inspired by the high levels of vitamin B6 found in this alcoholic beverage.

The agency is known worldwide for creating designs with beauty and clarity, and this time PB Creative focuses on the brand’s icon: the heart-shaped logo.

Located in the center of the packaging, this icon clearly communicates the brand’s story: that beer is made from the best ingredients and is also good for the heart. It also conveys the message that hops are a key component that provides flavor and character, as well as health benefits.

The color of the hops changes for each flavor variant: gold, green and copper, while the fresh color palette subtly suggests the natural ingredients used in beer production.

Ben Lambert, co-director of PB Creative, explained that there is definitely a gap in the market for beer that promotes its health benefits: “We set ourselves the challenge of creating a brand that was simple in its execution and communication, and that would appeal to the modern consumer.”


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