Smoothies with spinach and a little milk are a great option for health

Use of cow’s milk and coconut milk with high and medium fat content, added salt spinach in a smoothie, can make it easier lutein digestionantioxidant from green leaves, according to Swedish researchers.

It is emphasized that this type of milk, because in the case of milk from soy affectation is visible in the lutein available in green leavesadding that cow’s milk is always better than plant-based drinks.

So He mentioned it, Rosanna Chungassistant professor at the Department of Health, Medicine and Nursing at the University LinköpingSwedenadding that the mixture of frappe with vegetable milk in some cases can have negative effects on lutein levels.

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What is lutein used for?

Lutein is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, and is found in spinach and kaleTo perform its proper function when mixed, it needs gastric juices or food ingredients to be released from the plant material and absorbed in the intestines.

Except, lutein is not soluble in water while our food and the intestinal environment is full of water, that is why it is recommended to mix it with this type of milk.

Mixing spinach with milk is a good antioxidant option as this element has no benefits with the water mixture. Photo: Freepik.

Studies with lutein

In previous studies conducted in the United States population, it did He showed that consumption diary lutein and zeaxanthincould avoid vision problemswhich is why this substance has multiple useswhich must continue to explore with different components.

Other researches bold rather than heating the spinach it decomposes lutein, while blending vegetables into a smoothie makes more of the substance available for consumption as is the bioactive compound it represents symptoms to different changes.

To see how it works, researchers mixed spinach with 14 commercially available milk and plant-based liquids, they added digestive enzymes shakes to stimulate human digestion and compared the residual levels of lutein that the body can absorb with shakes made with water.

Only four of the 14 products tested increased lutein release from spinach compared to water, except with showed that milk fat could improve the lutein content of spinach smoothies, this was not the case with yogurt, which, being fermented, did not have favorable answer.

Increase interest in milk of plant origin

For multiple the benefits that have been determined and the least harm the ecological one as the trend for plant-based drinks has grown among consumers, the report said Migration analysis of food of plant origin indicated that it is 43% of consumers prefer these drinks.

Bad “Plant-based liquids have become more common in smoothies,” says The co-author of the report, Jan Neelissen.

The current model could only show which liquids would result in higher levels of lutein available for absorption, which was the case with cow’s milk and coconut milk, which increase interest per contains healthy fats and the pleasant flavor it brings to the mix.

vegetable milk
43% of consumers in the United States are interested in plant-based milks. Photo: Freepik.

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