Soft drink Orange without sugar and calories, the latest from this company

Schweppes, a specialist beverage company, has announced the launch Schweppes Orange Zeroa new soft drink without sugar and calories aimed at new consumer trends that are aimed at consuming healthier products.

According to the soft drink company, Schweppes citrus fruits (orange, lemon and citrus) contain fruit extracts, not just for juice, so the question food waste plays an important role in the production chain of products using the whole fruit:

So that he could satisfy his needs consumersSchweppes has launched this product in different formats to suit every occasion: a 200 milliliter glass bottle, a 330 milliliter can and a one-liter PET bottle.

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Consumption of soft drinks in Spain

Among all the brands available on the market, there is one that has become a flagship within the sector outside and within the borders of the Old Continent: Coca-Cola.

It’s not in vain, it’s society non-alcoholic beverages the most valuable beverage brand in the world, a position that strengthens year by year, also in Spain, with a value of about 90 billion US dollars, is positioned as the most valuable beverage brand in the world in 2022.

Red Bull and Pepsi took second and third place. Now, when it comes to billing, none of them manage to take the lead, the place is occupied by Nestlé.

According to the Statista consulting company, amount of consumption of cola soft drinks It was the one that decreased the most within the country during 2021, from 923.2 million kilograms in 2020 to below the threshold of 845 million just one year later.

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