Soft drinks based on hemp and coca leaf were designed by AI

The beverage category is full of trend-driven launches that include delicious, energizing beverages within the “better for you” category. Disruptive brands carbonated drinks, whose offer includes the classic cola recipe reinvented with a twist clear markas well as flavor synergies created by artificial intelligence (AI).

There are a lot of launches on the bar scene, with new inclusions of coca leaf-infused liqueurs from Peru, as well as hemp-based gins. Meanwhile, single-serve packaging is being touted as the way forward for wine producers seeking to attract younger consumers thirsty for low-alcohol options in a convenient format.

“We use coca leaves from Peru, which have been legalized through the decaffeination process, which can be compared to decaffeinated coffee. The drink is comparable to gin, but without the juniper. We will launch a high-quality drink based on coca leaves on the market,” said Julian Hille, founder and general manager of Koka Mate.

Alternative soft drinks

During a trip to South America, Julian Hille noticed that drink made from coca mate leaves It has been drunk and worshiped in many countries of this region for more than a millennium. This inspired his idea to market this unique product on the European market.

The German brand infuses black tea, mate tea into tea made from coca leaves to create a light-tasting carbonated drink. “It has a slight sweetness and a flavor profile comparable to green tea. The coca leaf extract also has a slight energizing sensation,” said Hille.

The company is initially focused on the bar and club scene and brands its products towards adventurous mixologists. Since the unique taste of the coca leaf is not well known, we want to bring this a new taste to Europe. Coca Mate sources its coca leaves from a farm in a district near Cusco, Peru, which offers an ideal climate for growing coca leaves.

AI is driving this new segment

Funtola is a trademark carbonated drinks recently launched with the help of Neuro Net AI, which takes top Internet trends from open sources to track the most popular topics in drinks. With this method, the company created new types of flavors.

“Our product is a full-flavored drink, similar to lemonade. This drink is aimed at the Generation Z demographic that spends a lot of time on social media trends and participating in different types of TikTok challenges. The flavors obtained from our analyzes are very unique and unusual,” commented Alexandra Golubskaya, Senior Brand Manager at Funtola.

This algorithm helps Funtola track key trends. “There are minor trends that go up and down very quickly, which are not worth formulating. But in the case of our flavors, like mango and bubblegum, certain trends have been around for more than a year,” concludes Golubskaya.

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