Sol beer highlights its Mexican design

The brand relaunches its packaging with a new image that seeks to reposition and modernize the beer.

NOW. – MillerCoors has partnered with agency Soulsight to relaunch its Sol beer in the United States, to stand out in premium spirits.

Agency Soulsight aimed to reposition and modernize the beer with fresh energy, while retaining its heritage to ensure the redesign would stand out from existing brands.

The first step of the redesign involved a review of images. Soulsight identified the two most prominent and recognizable design elements that convey the brand’s personality: bold red lettering and solar graphics.

The sun on the packaging moved down with more vivid rays radiating through the packaging to illuminate the text. A brighter color palette replaces the previous black and white background.

Graham Ebetsch, Senior Design Director at Soulsight, explained that they had several conversations about how to capture the spirit of the brand, and the main points to highlight were the old signage in Mexico: old tin signs and murals.

“We wanted to use the brand’s heritage in a really meaningful way to create a strong sense of place by drawing on the colors and vibrancy of the heart of Mexico,” said Ebetsch.

Elizabeth Hitch, head of marketing at Sol, commented that with this new design they are bringing Sol Sol beer back: “With a brand that has such a rich and consistent design history, it would be a complete waste not to bring back its inspired iconography. into the heritage of Mexico and brought it to the United States for this reboot.”

The CEO explained that the idea is to connect with consumers between the ages of 21 and 29 with a message rooted in authenticity and optimism: “The new packaging is the first step in making that connection.”

The updated design will be distributed across all presentations in the United States, including bottles, single-use 12- and 24-ounce cans, and six- and 12-count cases.


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