Spanish project creates beer from waste bread

The beer is one of the drinks alcoholic improve popular in the whole world and which is the most consumed and even though it has few ingredients: barley, yeast, hops and water, Excessive production caused an impact on the environment.

With this panorama, the Universidad from Valladolid(UVA) It is looking for alternatives for new ingredients to prepare food that uses barley, well They investigate waste bread as a partial substitute for barley malt.

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Substitute for barley malt

Although the recipe says that beer contains barley maltUVA researchers are analyzing different species panwhich can be customized creation, as white, wheat, corn and rye bread, explained Carlos Blanco Fuentes, head of the research group for breweries in the field of food technology.

Es in the maceration tank, where ground waste bread is incorporated together with malt and temperature ramps are applied until a sweet wort is obtained, and then real boiling with hops and filtering, resulting in a bitter wort, then yeast is incorporated to carry out the first fermentation for 10 days.

After fermentation, it is filtered for bottling 33 centiliters and continue with the second one fermentation in the bottle 14 days at 21 degrees, with that the bottles were kept in the refrigerator at 4 degrees for another two weeks.

He sensory analysis beers made with these featured alternative ingredients great similarity with beerswhich is why they dared to publish it edscientific review Food and show results.

Take advantage losing from bread

It is well known that it is food waste It’s a problem that worries the food industry and creates big results loss economicalwith this scenario, the project uses bread waste to replace barley malt, always taking care of standards quality.

In addition to waste, food waste was used for production Chemical compoundsand it is true that so far this is It was not such a noticeable change.but it’s a great step to create innovative ingredients and help the environment.

Among the breads that are used as a substitute for malt are white, wheat, corn and rye bread. Photo: Freepik.

Beer with a pleasant taste

The topic of interest to all consumers is that the taste of beer is pleasant with this change of barley, in addition, tests have shown different different colors and textures.

In the case of beer elaborate with rye bread or white wheat plan, presented good sensory results, Meanwhile he whole wheat bread gave characteristics more similar to beer 100% of malt used as a reference.

To find the most similar taste, the researchers took into account the Spanish legal framework for limiting the percentage of waste bread used, which states that beer must have four basic ingredients, but allows products called additives such as grains or sugars.

But not ignoring that these ingredients can be added, while malt represents a 50% of the total percentagethe beer that best matches these characteristics is pale But, one of the most consumed styles of beer in the world.

Change in the beer industry

The person responsible for the research shares that there are two commercial experiences that have been made in United Kingdomthey started using bread waste as a substitute for 20 years 25% from malt barely.

The obtained results can be very useful not only for small craft breweries, but also for brewing groups, since according to the results of our research, after brewing and analyzing the beer on a sensory and physical-chemical level, substitution is possible. to a 50% malt from leftover bread commented Carlos Blanco Fuentes, Brewery Research Group Leader.

For his part, UVa laboratory in cooperation with the Integrated Center for Vocational Education Viñalt from Palencia, continues in the process of obtaining this fermented drink, which is no different from brewed Ale beer 100% Malta.

Researchers continue with the process of obtaining fermented drinks that do not differ from classic ones. Photo: Freepik.

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