Spicy burger

McDonald’s introduced the Angus Habanero Ranch burger with habanero sauce and ranch dressing.Mexico.- McDonald’s, the main chain of fast food restaurants around the world, continues to innovate and surprise its customers with new products, and now the delicious Angus Habanero Ranch bacon burger is coming to Mexico, which stands out for its main ingredient: sauce with a combination of habanero chili and ranch dressing, the ingredient picosite a favorite for Mexican tastes.

Customers will be able to enjoy excellent quality Angus beef combined with Habanero Ranch sauce that together make this one hamburger a unique choice, which satisfies even the most demanding and daring ones.

For a limited time you can enjoy this innovation. In addition to Angus Habanero Ranch with bacon, the Premium line is expanding, offering Angus Deluxe, Angus CBO and Angus Tocino, characterized by quality, taste and size.

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