Starbucks continues to expand

This sixth store is considered the largest in the whole country and they hope to open more branches this year.

Starbucks Coffee International through its joint-venture company, Starbucks Coffee Argentina, announces the opening of its sixth store, considered the largest in Argentina, on the city’s most important shopping street.

“We are very happy to finally be able to open this store, the one with the largest capacity in Latin America, in one of the busiest pedestrian streets in Buenos Aires,” explained Diego Paolini, general manager of Starbucks Coffee Argentina. “We are very excited about the opportunities that Argentina offers to Starbucks and we will continue to work to continue to bring the Starbucks experience to all those places where our customers expect to find us,” concluded the brand head in the country.

The sixth store, located at Florida 1, has two large floors that can be seen through the 360 ​​square meters that it occupies on two floors. Unlike other stores, Florida has 4 Mastrena™ and 4 cash registers. With 80 seats, it will be attended by a total of 50 partners (employees) who will offer legendary service, so that customers can enjoy a rewarding experience.

In return, the company is looking forward to opening, over the next 2 months, 3 new stores in different areas of the federal capital; one in Abasto Shopping and two in the new DOT Buenos Aires Shopping.

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