SternMaid is expanding its location in Wittenburg

After the completion of the eighth phase of construction, the company entered a new commercial area and can produce new products for the food sector. After the completion of the eighth construction phase, in which the company invested 14 million euros, SternMaid opened the expansion of its factory in Wittenburg, specializing in tailor-made solutions for mixing, improving and packaging food, Food suplements or active pharmaceutical substances and excipients in powder form.

The factory was founded in 1996 as a production center for the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe companies based in Hamburg. Currently, the company Wittenburg produces functional accessories for the production of food and animal feed, not only for the various units of this global specialized group. According to its directors, SternMaid has established itself as a sought-after maquila manufacturer in the international food market. This is the result of the constant expansion of technologies and possibilities.

“Since its founding, SternMaid has continuously expanded its process techniques and invested in future-proof production units for its customers. The latest development is a completely new process technique. With this investment, SternMaid enters fluidization technology. With this process, it can selectively influence the physical properties and technology of application of solid products. Depending on the area of ​​use, the powders are dried, granulated, agglomerated or coated, thus obtaining a customized profile. Fluidization technology “It is one of the most important formulation procedures in the pharmaceutical and food industry. With this versatile technology, we are exploiting new markets with a great future,” explained Stefan Schliesser, CEO of SternMaid.

Two fluidization installations with different capacities form the basis of a new field of application. In a pilot plant at the technical center level, experiments and tests can be carried out in order to develop and optimize new functional ingredients. The transfer to production takes place in the combined industrial facility.

According to the company, with the construction expansion, SternMaid is ready to perform maquila work for its clients. The buildings now have 16,000 m2 of built-up area. Mixing capacities have been increased to 40,000 tons per year, and the expanded high-bay warehouse can accommodate 20,000 pallets. In addition, in order to improve the process, a new space was created for the entry of goods and larger areas for small containers.


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