Strategic alliance announced for probiotics studies

Microbiome Venture’s new collaboration with INRA, through Micalis and MGP, will focus on DuPont probiotic strains and the study of the mechanism of action of these microorganisms on human health.

DuPont Nutrition & Health’s Microbiome Venture continues to strengthen its capabilities by announcing its third strategic research and development alliance. The newly created relationship with INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), through the Micalis Institute and MetaGenoPolis, a pre-industrial demonstrator, will focus on deciphering the molecular mechanisms of action of DuPont probiotic strains with a functional metagenomics approach.

INRA has developed and validated a high-throughput screening (HTS) platform for evaluating the performance of large DNA fragments in genomic or metagenomic libraries of modified intestinal epithelial cell lines with marker gene technology. The platform enables the screening of genomic and metagenomic clones in different marker systems, to address different pathways involved in homeostasis, metabolism and immune control, as well as enteroendocrine cell activation.

In this regard, Sebastien Guery, Head of Microbiome Venture, stated: “We are delighted to be working with INRA MetaGenoPolis and the Micalis Institute as DuPont continues to develop its ability to lead microbiome innovation through strategic alliances. Continuing our partnership with APC Cork to discover new strains for maternal and child health and with the Center for Food Technologies and Fermentation (TFTAK) in Tallinn, Estonia to understand the “cultivation” of different next-generation probiotics, we are adding to our suite of capabilities by including mechanistic studies effects of DuPont™ Danisco® probiotics on human health at the molecular level.”

With its world-class scientists and excellent technical capabilities in functional genomics, INRA will be a strong ally of DuPont in defining the molecular mechanisms of action of DuPont™ Danisco® probiotic strains. DuPont established the Microbiome Venture to accelerate the development of science-based solutions in the field of microbiome through a combination of strategic alliances with leaders in microbiome science and investment in its own resources.

INRA, through its Micalis institute and the metagenomics platform MetaGenoPolis, collaborates with many leaders in this field around the world, providing its knowledge and tools to achieve ground-breaking and highly impactful discoveries and developments. INRA is the main European agent in the field of intestinal microbiota in terms of the number of publications.

DuPont has a long collaboration with INRA in terms of innovation, especially since 1987, when DuPont was the first company to sponsor INRA doctoral theses. Based on this fruitful collaboration, the new alliance will be integrated into the Qualiment® network, awarded by the Institut Carnot with recognition of excellence. Qualiment® is a network of research institutions and universities created to provide the scientific and technological resources needed to support companies developing new food products with solid organoleptic and nutritional qualities and focused on sustainable food.

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