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Belvedere and Gray Goose launch two new vodkas ‘Belvedere Smogóry Forest’ and ‘Belvedere Lake Bart??ek’ in luxury bottles.

France.-The LVMH Group presents the ‘Belvedere Single Estate Rye’ series, which includes the original square bottle and two new types of vodka, ‘Belvedere Smogóry Forest’ and ‘Belvedere Lake Bart??ek’, each named after the Polish village where the rye originates. used for its production.

‘Belvedere Single Estate Rye’ captures the distinctive essence offered by the soil, topography and climate of their respective terroirs and believes that climatic variations influence the flavor produced by the same used Polish Dankowskie Diamond Rye.

Since its foundation, Belvedere Vodka has championed the category of Polish rye vodka and natural ingredients of the highest quality, and with this innovation it continues to demonstrate its commitment to the production of vodkas with a complex character. The brand works with only seven farms and has chosen two for this series, focusing on the shores of Lake Bart??ek and the Smogóry forest, to illustrate the terroir variations in Dankowskie Diamond rye.

After last year’s success, Bacardi vodka house brand, ‘Grey Goose’, has teamed up with prestigious French designer Quentin Monge to develop a new limited edition bottle inspired by “charme”, the charm of the French Riviera. On this occasion, the new release is an elegant cooler that keeps vodka at the perfect temperature. Furthermore, the design reflects his personality, portraying his native French Riviera, a place of inspiration for other artists such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Andre Derain. With this release, ‘Grey Goose’ once again transports its consumers into the spirit of the French Riviera, one of the most glamorous regions on the planet.

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