Sustainable cardboard for food trays

New Inverform cardboard from Iggesund cardboard for packing ready-made food on trays, it meets all sustainability and efficiency standards. Made of pure cellulose fibers, it is designed for press and folded trays used for food packaging.

Stefan Söderberg, sales director of Iggesund Paperboard, points out that the company’s expertise in producing environmentally friendly material led them to create this material as a response to pollution caused by plastic material.

Widespread use of plastic is associated with serious problems such as:

  • An extensive impact on the climate has come from the fossil fuel used to produce plastic.
  • Accumulation of plastic in the oceans and elsewhere due to insufficient biodegradability.
  • Excess waste due to the low level of recycling, which is less than 40%.

“For the food trays, we were determined to achieve a renewable material that can be recycled and is safer for the environment than plastic. And at the same time maintain high packaging efficiency throughout the value chain,” says Stefan Söderberg.

Food and retail companies looking for other ways to support a sustainable future with their products can now order trays made in this type card.

Trays made of Inverform have a plastic barrier whose carbon footprint is significantly lower than that of trays made of plastic. And they can be recycled with existing recycling provisions. cardboard packaging.

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Cardboard packaging with less impact on the environment

Inverform packaging meets the strictest standards of hygiene and food protection and ensures a longer shelf life and less waste. “We are developing the next generation of barriers in view of the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions,” says Söderberg.

Inverform is a white coated cardboard (SBB) made from pure cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests. It has a polymer barrier that makes it ideal for molding trays and for heat welding.

This solution is food grade material with no added optical brighteners. It has all the necessary food safety certifications, including safety for use in conventional or microwave ovens.

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