Sweet and artistic breads

Buenos Aires Bakey has introduced 8 styles of Pan Dulces and artisanal puddings ideal for end of year enjoyment.Argentina.- The main chain of bakeries, which is growing under the franchise system, has introduced its different styles of sweet bread and pudding artisanal for this Christmas. In different sizes, with glaze, chocolate, nuts and polished fruit.

The variety consists of eight different styles: Individual Special Sweet Bread (100g) without glaze, Medium Special Sweet Bread (250g) without glaze, Large Special Sweet Bread (600g) with glaze, cherries and fruitsweet Genovese bread (850g) with glaze, cherries, figs and hazelnuts, medium Genoves sweet bread (500g) with glaze and cherries, Stollen (750g) with glaze, cherries and almonds and Christmas pudding (350g) with chocolate topping.

All are made from traditional sweet bread dough scented with water rain, filled with dried fruit (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and cashews), raisins and polished fruit.
There is also an option of a special sweet bread with only dried fruits (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts) with almond glaze and coating.

In addition, in all its stores you can find a large selection of products for the sweet and savory Christmas table: empanadas, tartines, crumb sandwiches, pizzas, cakes, dry doughs, various cookies, puddings, muffins and more than 200 products of excellent quality.

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