TAAG GENETICS develops a complete security program and kits for multiple PCR detection

TAAG GENETICS provides the food industry with a program of complete safety where experts experimentally confirm the processes of reducing microorganisms, through a personalized program focused on safety or spoilage.

It is not enough to have a program without monitoring and improving the activities carried out together with the plant TAAG GENETICS provides tools to measure the effectiveness of the program, resulting in a dynamic program that improves and focuses on risk points over time. Obtaining a PIT-TAAG. Supported by artificial intelligence technology, TFSI (TAAG Food Safety Intelligence) enables the prevention and projection of microbiological behavior in food plants.

TAAG has a strong research and development team that enables the food industry to bring nPLEX multiplex PCR kits and supplies suitable for use in internal factory laboratories or the vision of maximizing the microbiology laboratory; facilitating the performance of part of the procedure in the client’s laboratory and the detection of pathogens in TAAG facilities. Counting from swabs, enrichment media, and nPLEX PCR reaction kits.

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