Tate & Lyle lance SODA-LO salt microspheres

The company announced the launch of a salt-reducing ingredient made with microsphere technology that reduces sodium without affecting taste. Tate & Lyle has announced the global launch of a pioneering new salt reduction ingredient, SODA-LO™ Salt Microspheres, which knows, is labeled and works as scarf because it is salt. With SODA-LO™, food manufacturers can reduce salt content by 25 to 50 percent in a variety of applications without sacrificing flavor.

SODA-LO™ salt microspheres are created using a patented technology that transforms salt crystals into liquid crystal microspheres. These smaller, lower-density crystals effectively impart salty flavor by maximizing surface area relative to volume. It also allows you to enjoy the same salty taste with less salt intake. Because SODA-LO™ is made from real salt, it doesn’t have the bitter taste or aftertaste associated with other salt compounds or substitutes.

“While public health advocates continue to call for reductions
of global salt consumption, studies show that consumers associate products
marked as low salt content with flavor inferior,” said Andy Hoffman, director of health
and Wellness Innovation from Tate & Lyle, who added: “Having a salt-reducing alternative that is made with real salt and meets taste expectations could be the first step towards changing the way consumers think that a low-salt product is a product

Tate & Lyle tests show that consumers notice similar tastes in between
products made from common salt and foods containing SODA-LO™ salt
Microspheres. In addition, consumers do not seem to perceive “residual” flavors.
“Salt is a basic product in food production – not only for taste, but
also because of its function. It acts, for example, as a preservative and helps as a texturizer.
Through advanced technology, Tate & Lyle has produced salt microspheres for
to provide manufacturers with an ingredient that works as well or better than salt,”
said David Lewis, director, health and wellness product management at Tate & Lyle.

Tate & Lyle obtained a license to market SODA-LO® globally from Eminate Ltd, a
a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Nottingham, UK. According to
under a licensing agreement, Tate & Lyle assumed responsibility for the commercialization of the technology
SODA-LO® solutions for salt reduction on a global scale, including production, development
products, sales and marketing.

Source: www.tateandlyle.com

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