Terms & Conditions

RBK Half Marathon

Organised by KBC Special Events Limited

Terms and conditions of Entry

Legal note: The 2016 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon is organised by KBC Special Events Limited (Company number: 4962060). Registered Office Coombe Bury House, Kingston Hill, Kingston,  Surrey, KT2 7JG. Where any communication from the race refers to “we” or “us”, this will include all Directors and employees of the company, event officials, authorised agents, sub-contractors and volunteers.


Entrants must be aged at least 17 years of age on the date of the race.


Runners are not permitted to be accompanied by animals on the course. Guide dogs are not permitted, but the organisers can offer a free place to guide runners where a runner is registered as being visually impaired.

Closing Date for entries

Closing date for entries: 9th September 2016 or when the race limit has been reached. The race limit will be published in advance of the race.

Data Protection

Your personal information will only be used by us and any appointed third parties for purposes in connection with the event and any subsequent events that we may organise or administer. We will not sell on or make available this information to any other organisation.

We will if required pass on any medical details you have given us to the medical teams operating on the day of the event.


Please only enter the race once in your own name, using the online entry procedure as shown on the website.

Duplicate entries made in genuine error will be refunded in full if we consider the mistake to be ours. If we believe the mistake to be a result of the applicant a £5 administration charge may be levied.

If we believe multiple entries have been made deliberately made with the intention of subsequent re-sale i.e. ‘ticket touting’), we reserve the right to cancel all identified entries and no refund will be offered.

Guide to Participation.

The Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon is a race for runners of all abilities, However, please note the following conditions apply, and anyone unable to comply should not enter the race. Any non-compliant person may be refused or ejected from the event.

The nature of the event and race rules make it unsuitable for Wheelchairs, bikes, stilts, roller skates, skate boards, buggies, etc; and none of these will be permitted to start or join the course. While fancy dress is permissible, anyone attempting to start or join the race in any outfit that we, in our absolute discretion, deem unsuitable and/or dangerous to other competitors or spectators, will not be allowed to start the event or, if on the course, may be required by marshals to withdraw. This includes the wearing of costumes or the use of slogans which may cause offence to other competitors, spectators or members of the wider public.

The event is a race run under UKA rules.There is a time limit for completing the course of 2hrs & 50 minutes. Runners who fail to complete in this time will no longer be supported by the race organisation, although any runner wishing to withdraw from the race when invited to do so will be supported by the organisers and transported back to the finish.

Health and Fitness (Participating Runners)

It is a condition of entry that all runners understand that participating in distance running events is potentially hazardous, and you should not enter and take part unless you are medically able and properly trained.

We recommend that you consult your doctor prior to undertaking training for a Half Marathon unless you are a regular runner. It is your responsibility to make sure you are medically fit and capable of running the Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon. If you feel unwell prior to the race we advise that you do not run. We reserve the right to stop any runner from taking part or to request that they withdraw at any point during the race if we consider that runner unfit to take part or continue further. While the organisers will provide hydration and medical facilities, Please note that we cannot accept liability for runners who suffer medical problems as a result of participating in the race.

Medical treatment while attending the Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon

The Organisers will provide medical cover for the race. By entering this event, you are confirming that should you require any medical treatments during your attendance at the event, whether before, during or after the actual run, you will accept advice or treatment administered by the events’ official medically qualified personnel.

Race Numbers

All runners are required to complete emergency contact and medical information details on the back of their race number. Please ensure the relevant medical details include details of any medical condition or if you are taking any medication. You are not allowed to pass this number on to another person. See the notes below re our transfer policy.

Race Number Transfers

You must not under any circumstances give your race number to anyone else. However, if you are unable to run we do allow you to transfer your number to another runner, up to two weeks prior to the event. To make a transfer contact our registration service at Sport Systems. (email : [email protected]) There is an administrative charge of £5 for transfers, but the new person will be able to enjoy the race as a legitimate runner!

Unauthorised transfer of numbers causes, amongst other issues, the following problems:

  1. Identification for the event medical services in the case of any accident or injury, potentially leading to wrong diagnoses and treatment.
  2. Inability to contact next of kin or partners in case of emergency

iii. mistakes in race results

Any person discovered running under someone else’s number risks immediate disqualification and ejection from the event.

Refunds and Cancellations

We regret that once you have entered the race, no refunds are given, other than at the absolute discretion of the organiser. This applies in all circumstances, but explicitly in the following situations:

  1. If the race has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances outside our control, for instance due to severe weather or a local emergency.
  2. If the course is changed due to local conditions outside of the organisers control, or if through accident or malfeasance runners are redirected from the published course, resulting in different terrain or a greater or lesser distance being run than advertised in the race prospectus.

Iii In line with established race organisers policy, we do not offer any form of refund if a runner wishes to cancel their entry due of injury, illness, lack of training or change of plan. However , in the event of illness or injury, we will consider deferral of entry to the following year only , up to one month prior to the event. Please note that any deferral is at the organisers discretion and that if granted an administration charge of £5 will be made to cover the fulfilment costs.

Please bear in mind that your entry fee is invested in the cost of staging the event, and the main costs to contractors, suppliers, administration etc. are already committed well before the race takes place. 

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel applications, including duplicate applications, or alter the date of the event, the course route or distance.

Use of Image

By taking part in the event you grant permission to the Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon, and any third parties authorised by us to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, website images, recordings or any other record of this event that may include your image.



Waiver of responsibility/Disclaimer

Running in races involves an element of danger, as does taking part in mass participation events. By signing up to take part in this event you accept complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur while you are participating in, travelling to or from the event, or while on the premises of the event start/finish area. Specifically you are responsible for your own safety and will not hold the organisers liable for any trips, falls, collisions, running injuries, medical conditions that may arise as a result of your participation. Given the uneven nature of road and trail courses you are advised to take care at all times. We cannot take responsibility if you for example, step into a pothole and injure an ankle.