Tetra brick packaging: premium and low price

Today, tetra brick packaging is used to achieve two different types of goals: cost savings and premium differentiation.

Expense reduction

Those who want to save choose laminated cardboard packaging because they find in it an ally when it comes to reducing costs in the cold chain. This is something that the supermarket chain highly values. If there is a significant difference in price, there are also a number of advantages such as duration, stockability and variety offered.

It also facilitates distribution, saving on transport costs. The wine industry is the sector that has benefited the most from shipping, because when carton packaging was introduced in the 1980s, glass containers were returnable, which meant several trips to bring and bring bottles to factories located mainly in the Andes Mountain range.

This advantage of wine in cardboard packaging was one of Tetra Pak’s innovations that was first implemented on the Argentine market, which is the leading country in the production of wine in cardboard packaging, and which was later exported to other countries. Argentina also exported other innovations such as soy juices and tomato puree in Tetra Brik.

Lo premium

In Argentina, one of the most sophisticated items is milk, because each of the varieties requires a certain degree of technical requirements: to reduce cholesterol, for children up to six months or for people who do sports.

This kind of cardboard packaging is also chosen by those brands that want to seduce the consumer again after the crisis. The design possibilities, variety of models and laminations offered by tetra pak make it attractive for this type of brands.

In terms of liquids, the most recent innovative containers launched are the Tetra Prisma, used for SanCor Crecer, Active and Cindor milk, and the Tetra Wedge, launched at the end of 2004 for Arcor’s Yahoo juices, and later implemented in La Serenisima cream milk.

What’s coming

In other countries, products that are not yet sold on the local market are already being marketed in cardboard packaging. One of them is canned food that would replace cans, with the aim of making the product more economical, and which is already being marketed in the European market.

This Tetra Pak container has a shape and composition similar to that of the Tetra Brik® Aseptic container, which is specially designed for canned products that are sterilized in an autoclave. The ease of opening – safe, simple and comfortable – which is achieved by manually tearing the top of the container along a laser-perforated line, is joined by other great logistical advantages because it is light, unbreakable and space-efficient storage… In short, more products on the shelves and on the pallet.

The second is mineral water, which is delivered in multi-layer cardboard packaging with a special treatment to prevent the spread of odors.

Source: infobaeprofesional.com

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