Tetra Pak plans to launch paper straws for its cardboard packaging

The company’s move is part of a program to help tackle the problem of plastic waste.

Tetra Pak by the end of this year, it plans to launch a paper straw suitable for its packaging. According to the company, straws have an inherent functional role in portion packs and will become part of the plastic waste problem if not disposed of properly.

The company is asking consumers to return the straws in their packaging after they are empty, allowing them to be picked up with the rest of the packaging.

Tetra Pak is working on developing a paper straw that is suitable for use in portion size boxes. The company uses an average of 75% cardboard in its packaging, and the company’s paper straws are a significant step towards its commitment to offering renewable packaging solutions.

Charles Brand, executive vice president of business operations and product management at Tetra Pak, explained that there are several major challenges in producing a paper straw with the required properties: “Our development team is confident that they can find a solution and that we will have a solution.” “trash alternative ready to launch before the end of the year.”

Source: Tetra Pak.

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