The American whiskey brand announces the expansion of its super premium line

Bonded Series is a new super premium line of the American brand Jack Daniel’s, which includes two new releases of their whisky:

  • Jack Daniel’s Bonded
  • Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash

Jack Daniel’s Bonded It has a blend of 80% corn, 12% barley malt and 8% rye.

The barrels were selected by hand because it has a deeper color, taste and aroma, which leads to a “darker, richer character and more marked by oak.”

  • The resulting expression has notes of caramel, rich oak and spices.

El Triple porridgefor its part, it is a blend of three pure bottled whiskeys: 60% Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye, 20% flagship whiskey and 20% American Malt of the brand’s expression.

  • It offers notes of honey, malt and soft oak, leading to a well-rounded finish.

Both products are inspired the original design of the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey bottle from 1895, They have an alcohol content of 50º and will be on sale in Spanish stores for the end of the year celebrations in a quantity of 700 milliliters.

“Jack Daniel’s Distillery has been producing exceptional American whiskey to the highest quality standards for generations, before and after the Bottle-in-Bond Act, since the days of Mr. Jack himself.” he claimed Chris Fletcherthe master distiller of the brand.

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Consumption of whiskey in the world

A study prepared by Euromonitor, an international market research and analysis company, in collaboration with Quartz, revealed the top 5 countries that consume the most whiskey per person in the world, which are:

  1. France: 2.15 liters per year per person.
  2. Uruguay: 1.77 liters per year per person.
  3. NOW: 1.41 liters per person per year.
  4. Australia: 1.3 liters per person per year.
  5. Spain: 1.29 liters per person per year.

The revaluation of this drink is accompanied a new generation of consumers with new needs, who prefer a unique flavor profile, higher quality and crafted in an artisanal way, which elevates a luxurious experience and download exclusivity.

Global Market Insights Incforecasts the whiskey market to reach $33 billion by 2027, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7% during the forecast period.

For its part, the value of whiskey will exceed $85 million by the same year, and the whiskey industry is expected to register around 6% CAGR between 2021 and 2027, driven by changes in consumer taste preferences and growing demand for traditional aged whiskies.

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