The Argentinian company is launching water in cans in two presentations

Beverage cans are not exclusive for carbonated or soft drinks, since other drinks want to enter this comfortable format like wine or prepared drinks, but the latest launch of the Argentinian company bubblythrows his own canned water

This new edition is considered premium, reduced sodium content, in two versions with non-carbonated and carbonated, segment I am most interested in this presentation sector gastronomichotel and events, because of its taste and luxury.

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A viable alternative

Company bubbly, pointed out what in Argentina 80% beverage cans are recycledwhich is why this project is aligned with the sustainable trends that concern so much companies and consumers.

Aluminum cans are good alternative in search of more sustainable products, since they are easy to recycle and have a high return value, in addition to the fact that their production requires a smaller amount of water,” he commented. Alejandro Pozzohead of commercial and marketing bubbly.

Agua premium Canned

Presentation agua premium from bubbly It is Available in two variants, in a package of 473 ml. and low sodium content:

  • Calm water
  • Sparkling water

Alejandro Pozzoassures that this launch enables the company enter regions and segments where they did not work and provide the possibility of consuming quality water.

Finding ways to modify your business and expand your product portfolio for everyone consumers.

canned water
Alejandro Pozzo, commercial and marketing manager of Sparkling, is excited about the launch of the bottled water. Photo: Sparkling.

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