The challenge of safety in the handling of fruits and vegetables

Within food industry There are many challenges to face, for example, in fruit Mr vegetables There are various factors that can affect production and transport, such as climate issues.

Since these types of elements are out of your control, it is essential to ensure that your production period is maximized. One aspect you can control involves washing with water.

Washwater disinfection is a necessary process step in many fruit and vegetable processing facilities, where disinfectants are added to the facility’s washwater system at controlled levels, and the water is then used to remove contaminants, field residues, and light crop dirt.

Labeling problem in industry

Different water management strategies should be considered, taking into account different sources, chemical disinfectants and facility designs. However, one thing you should always be consistent about is following the instructions to mark.

Recent observations during fieldwork identified the use of hand sanitizers that were not in accordance with label instructions. When I pointed this out to the institution’s staff, they were surprised. By using disinfectants without reading the instructions on the label, manufacturers have inadvertently compromised the safety of their products.

Some disinfectants are approved for direct contact grocerieswhile others are approved for use only after rinsing, and some can only be used on equipment.

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