The chocolate brand is launching 100% recyclable packaging

Spain. As part of its commitment to environmental care, Chocolates Valor is introducing its new 100% recyclable packaging made almost entirely of cardboard, which will replace the current packaging of the brand’s entire range of instant cocoa beans. This launch makes the company a brand to launch a GreenCan packaging to the Spanish market.

The new packaging is 100% recycled in the blue container and, most importantly, it has 0% plastic waste, that is, it does not create any waste from this material. In this way, the brand contributes not only to the reduction of its ecological footprint, but also to its improvement possibility of recycling your packaging.

Therefore, replacing the packaging with this new, more sustainable packaging is in line with the company’s continued commitment to offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

The company’s goal is to increase the possibility of recycling all packaging by 2030. Photo: Valor Chocolates

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Packaging that will replace the previous packaging

The inclusion of new packaging is an action that aligns with the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Which also includes other areas such as raw materials, through responsible sourcing or choosing local suppliers and products, energy efficiency or people.

From a packaging standpoint, our procedures include a thorough analysis of the degree of recyclability of our containers and packaging. “In addition to aligning with the 2030 program, we strive every day to switch to more sustainable materials and reduce our impact on the environment through our production process,” he points out. Nuria López, head of the sustainability department.

It should be noted that these new packages will replace the previous packages of pure defatted cocoa beans, an extremely versatile product and ideal for baking, as well as in the range of soluble cocoa beans of the brand. In this way, 70% soluble cocoa and 100% natural pure cocoa become not only a great option to start the day, but now also help reduce the impact on the planet.

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