The Colima brewery opens

The factory had an investment of 30 million pesos and will produce 2.5 million bottles.

Colima Brewery has opened its doors on the fifth kilometer of the road to El Trapiche in Cuauhtémoc. This was explained by the general manager of the company, Esteban Silva Ochoa 30 million pesos were needed for its opening. to which 60 investors of different types contributed.

He pointed out that around 120 million bottles of beer are drunk annually in Colima, and it is a great responsibility to carry the name of the city in your brand. He commented that Marty Cornelius is the creator of two types of beer that will be distributed: Colimita and Páramo, of which a total of 2.5 million bottles will be produced annually.

He emphasized that the brewery has a purifier for water reuse in the forest nursery, as well as a solar heater that reduces the company’s electricity consumption.

For his part, the Secretary of Economic Development, Rafael Gutiérrez Villalobos, pointed out that one of the public policies of the state government is the creation of conditions of association to encourage investors to settle in Colima and explained that the launch of this factory, which is the fifth most important craft brewery in the country, is an example that these policies are on the right track.

He explained that in 2012 the World Bank declared Colima the country where it is easiest to do business, a condition that was confirmed in 2014, and he expressed the expectation that in December Colima will have more than 100 digitized state procedures, which will facilitate these processes for citizens as well as installing businessmen in the country

Ana Bertha Zamora Prieto, Secretary General of the City Council of Cuauhtémoc, who represented Mayor Indira Vizcaíno, thanked the investors for locating in this municipality since this facility will bring benefits to the state and create new jobs.

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