The consumer market encourages the use of high barrier films

Global consumption of high-barrier packaging films is projected to reach 1.86 million tonnes in 2016, Smithers Pir study details.

The growing need of consumers to purchase products that offer greater food safety and convenience is fueling the ever-increasing demand for food films. high barrier packagingsays David Platt, author of the report “The Future of High Barrier Packaging Films to 2021.” of Smithers Pira.

The expert explains that changes in consumer lifestyles, the demand for convenient products and the popularity of microwavable foods have contributed to the increase in the use of oven and microwave ovens, trays and stand-up pouches.

The report predicts that the market for materials used in the production of high-barrier packaging films could grow at a CAGR of 4.7% between 2016 and 2021. It is expected to reach a value of just over USD 11.32 million, a number higher 9 million of which were registered in 2016.

The document points out that manufacturers of these materials continue to innovate with new and better plastic films and accessories for packaging production.

Among the innovations we can mention: high-barrier films that replace paper and films that are easier to recycle. Reducing material consumption is another key trend for this type of packaging.

Sustainable packaging and the reduction of materials for its production, in order to reduce the impact on the environment, are key points promoted by brand owners, the Smithers Pira study points out.

Another point highlighted in the document is the demand for food with a longer shelf life and high quality, which has led to the development of increasingly sophisticated multi-layer films.

Recycling becomes a particular problem for these products because they contain more than one type of plastic, as they are difficult to separate in recycling machines.

To learn more about the Future of High-Strength Packaging Films to 2021 report, please visit: Smithers Pira.

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