The design of sustainable products has a positive effect on the consumer

He sustainable product design increased revenue for 7 out of 10 companies that implemented it, as well as customer satisfaction.

And that thanks to the application of sustainable product design strategies. While for 73% it meant an improvement in income growth.

The research highlights the critical need for increased action. Well, organizations can sustainability a key strategic priority for product design teams.

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Organizations can make sustainability a key strategic priority for product design teams.

Sustainable products lead to a net zero goal

Sustainable product design is a key lever to help companies transition to net zero goal.

Emissions from products can represent an important part of a company’s total emissions i Sustainable design strategies are key to their mitigation.

  • Only 22% of organizations have made sustainability a core component in product design. While a quarter of companies conduct periodic environmental impact assessments (26%) when creating new products.

To achieve your carbon reduction goals and meet your overall goals sustainable development, Organizations must think beyond isolated design problems and consider them from the early stages of design.

A number of different approaches are required throughout the product life cycle. Including circular design thinking and regenerative approaches,” he says. Roshan Gya, Global Head of Smart Industry at Capgemini.

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Organizations that have implemented sustainable product design have experienced customer satisfaction.

Sustainable design does not imply higher costs

There is an idea that sustainability in product design is very expensive, and this perception represents a significant obstacle to its application.

However, Capgemini’s report states that 23% of companies that have implemented at least one sustainable design strategy have experienced cost reductions. While 37% of organizations say that costs have remained the same.

7 out of 10 organizations that implemented sustainable product design experienced increased revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

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