The digital supermarket is strengthening its structure in Mexico and Latin America

Jüsto digital supermarket takes a step forward in strengthening its global and local structure, which pursues the two main goals of strengthening the business model operating since 2019.

  • With an innovative technological proposal to supply the pantry with fresh products with just one click and without leaving home, this digital supermarket has a positive effect on consumers.

In addition, it changed the business scheme of traditional supermarkets by becoming fully digital, betting on small and medium-sized domestic producers. Which are added to your catalog so you have fresher and healthier options The highest quality.

Therefore, the company implemented a local structure as a business unitwhich allows the person to be responsible for activities such as:

  • Financial results
  • Business model execution
  • User experience

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A business strategy that promotes a digital supermarket

The new lineup digital supermarket has been operating since last month. Through this strategy, the company wants to transform itself to achieve the best.

“We are an agile and innovative company that is excited about this change in our structure, which we are sure will help us achieve our goals,” he says. Eliud Hernández, director for Mexico at Jüst.

These changes are a reflection of the confidence to continue strengthening Business model in the markets where the company is present.

In such a way that it is guaranteed that each of these actions has a positive impact on the environment, providing support to small and medium enterprises.

In addition, it offers the freshest and healthiest products for all our consumers; we are developing and positioning ourselves as a supermarket with the most positive effect in Latin America,” says Ana Paula Franco, Head of Global Impact at Jüst.

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