The first chocolate bar with bacon

Mo’s Bacon Bar features smoked bacon bits mixed with milk-based chocolate.

Bacon and chocolate are certainly favorites among many and, of course, both are usually eaten separately.

But confectioners in Britain decided to combine the two into the world’s first chocolate bar with bacon, which, to the surprise of many, became a hit with British consumers, reports

The 85-gram Mo’s Bacon Bar contains smoked bacon bits mixed in milk-based chocolate and is priced around $9. Although not exactly cost-effective, the UK’s sole distributor of the product managed to sell its entire stock of hundreds of tiles in 48 hours, and its four stores in the country received dozens of new orders.

Vosges Aut.-Chocolate, product creators based in Chicago, are asking consumers to prepare their five senses to enjoy this new taste experience. “Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Rub your finger across the bar to release the aromas of smoky bacon mixed with milk chocolate. Take a small piece and place it in your mouth, then let the sweet and salty completely coat your tongue,” the company’s website describes .

For his part, Ewan Venters, director of food at Selfridges, said that bacon and chocolate seem like a strange combination, but the result is fantastic. “It’s really an explosion of flavor and people love it,” he added.

He added that there has been a revolution in the combinations that chocolate can have, just like there was with wine a few years ago, so people are more familiar with these types of mixtures, and now the demand is, consequently, higher.

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