The first functional cola soft drink

Pepsi Kick contains caffeine and ginseng.

The revolution in cola soft drinks began with the arrival of Pepsi Kick, the first cola soft drink with functional benefits through natural ingredients such as caffeine and ginseng.

With this new launch, PepsiCo Beverages marks the beginning of a series of innovations that will also create a new category within cola soft drinks during 2009.

“Now, thanks to the Pepsi Kick formula, to which caffeine and ginseng have been added, your body and mind will feel revitalized when they need it most, with the added benefit of being sugar-free and calorie-free,” commented Joaquín Anderson, PepsiCo Marketing Director. .Drinks.

In recent times, there is a growing taste for energy drinks because the consumer wants to revive when his energy level is low, which is why Pepsi Kick appeared, an innovative product aimed at both those who already drink cola soft drinks and those who are looking for a drink that gives energy.

“According to market studies, 82% of men and women are ready to try Pepsi Kick because of its attractive concept, its functional benefits for waking up at the right time of day and because it does not contain calories,” added the manager.
Pepsi Kick has been on sale since February in self-service, convenience and value stores and will be a seasonal, “in & out” product that will bring new innovations to the consumer and increase the company’s sales in the first quarter of the year. anus.

It should be noted that the Pepsi Kick packaging consists of a completely different bottle than the one currently on the market. It is completely black with the new Pepsi logo in red and white and has a very modern style.

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