The Food Bank network is launching a new campaign

Argentina. – The Argentine network of food banks (REDBdA) and area of VEA corporate social responsibility They are implementing the “Healthy Cooking in Dining Halls” initiative, which will aim to train and organize workshops for Argentine communities that are beneficiaries of the Food Bank.

Objectives of the initiativeHealthy cuisine in the dining rooms” are to educate about the importance of a healthy diet, to revalue the moment of a meal as a learning space and to convey appropriate eating habits.

Likewise, within the framework of each lecture, we will appeal to encourage the creativity of the participants in order to achieve the greatest possible variety of meals, with the required amount of nutrients and with a smaller amount of waste.

Food banks, the beginning of their initiative

This program started in 2018 and during that time 74 workshops were held for 528 organizations. The current issue was added to this issue, whose conversations had to be conducted via virtual platforms due to the current situation of isolation.

Likewise, this did not prevent around 50 organizations from Buenos Aires, Tucumán and Mendoza from participating, surpassing the number of participants from previous years.

Likewise, almost 3,800 people will benefit from this initiative, as during the pandemic the reach of soup kitchens and centers has increased their reach with bags and food to the entire family nucleus.

Not so encouraging numbers

According to REDBdA, more than 820 million people are hungry on the planet, and in Argentina 35.5% of the population is poor. Of this group, 7.7% live in poverty, which means that 10 million 015 thousand 728 people do not have access to a series food needs and non-food items considered essential.

In the same sense, it is evident that more than half of children and adolescents in the South American country live in poverty, which represents 52.5 percent. Currently, for every 10 people between the ages of 0 and 14 in Argentina, one is homeless, four are poor, and only five escape this problem.

In the second National Diet and Health Survey carried out by the Government Secretariat for Health, it is pointed out that 13.6% of boys and girls between the ages of 0 and 5 suffer from obesity or overweight, and in the group between 5 and 17 this increases to 41%.

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