The food industry strives to build a safer and more efficient future

After the pandemic, the general population is becoming more and more concerned about their hygiene, which is why it has become a trend and a necessity food industry His challenge is to please.

  • In the last two years, the focus has again been placed on people’s health, which has led to the adoption of a series of strict measures in regulations food and beverage production industry.

Due to this stricter regulation, each item during food and beverage production process It is looked at much more closely, from best practice in health and safety to the use of higher quality materials.

While this regulation aims to ensure that food is actually safer for consumersit is true that adapting to this can be a challenge for manufacturers, both from a performance and cost perspective.

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Technology that supports safety in the food industry

Technology has become one of the main allies of the food industry in ensuring quality and security in the production chain.

However, for those who need to replace many elements of a production system, this can be a major effort as custom-made components are expensive and the ordering and delivery process can take a long time.

In this sense, Hygienic Design has designed a range of A4 quality stainless steel components, which can offer the hygienic standards required in the food and beverage industry. while increasing production efficiency.

These components they guarantee minimal contamination by microorganisms harmful substances that cause diseases or reduce product quality, as well as allergens on production lines.

In addition, they reduce the need for maintenance and downtime, which translates into more economical products.

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