The Guala Dispensing company begins operations

With the start of business in the Santa Fe Industrial Park, located within the Guanajuato Inner Harbor, the company Guala Dispensing intends to reach the American market with its products, mainly plastic dispensers.

According to Stefano Guala, the company’s director, this year will begin the consolidation of the supply platform not only for the United States, but also for the entire American continent.

“Innovation and quality have led Guala to become a world leader in packaging and plastic products, with a presence on three continents and sales in more than 40 countries. In total, we have five factories, two in Italy, two in China, and recently opened one in Santa Fe Park,” the manager reported.

He added that opening a plant in another country requires a thorough review of logistical, fiscal and commercial aspects, as well as the availability of qualified labor in the region.

Among the benefits of locating the plant in Santa Fe Park, Guala commented that when exporting most of its production, Guanajuato’s privileged position is a tipping factor.

The company’s goal is to produce 100 million pieces per year. Likewise, in the first months of 2010, the second phase of this project will begin with the goal of 30% growth. From there, it will grow according to market demands.

The company’s products worldwide include dispensers, pasta dispensers, flexible plastic bags, multi-layer flexible plastic laminates, injection molds, as well as liquid encapsulation and filling machines.

Source: AM

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