The importance of generating interest among young people within the agricultural sector

Faced with an urgent mitigation panorama climate changesyoung people strive to be part of action plans that they guarantee the creation of a sustainable future for them and their families.

  • Their entry into different sectors is crucial because, thanks to their need for innovation and transformation, they can contribute to the industry. new panorama this can enable them to develop in a more positive way.

“Therefore, the support of institutions and governments to this sector of the population is essential for creating a profitable and sustainable future. U agro sectorthe interest of young people moved to other areas because cultivating the land was not profitable for them”, he says. Jorge Flores, Head of Agronomy Yara México.

According to International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Currently, the average age of an agricultural producer is 55 years as they face social obstacles such as poverty, uncertainty about the future and lack of education, among others.

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Young people and their attitude towards agriculture

“Considering that agriculture necessary, not only for food production, but also for the fight against climate change, organizations must stimulate the interest of more and more young people in this sector to lead the food security of a growing population,” says Flores.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)it is predicted to reach almost 10 billion people by 2050, which means a 50% increase in food production.

Therefore, this sector becomes important, mainly, by supplying the world population with food, the purpose of which is found in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These Sustainable Development Goals address issues such as food production, supply, loss, waste, access to nutritious food, benefits from fruit and vegetable consumption, as well as The goal of “zero hunger”.where young people are a key part of achieving this goal by including them in the cycle of agricultural production.

young farmers
The introduction of innovative tools in the agricultural sector is becoming a necessity in order to stimulate the interest of young people

Tools to promote agriculture among this population

Introduce innovative tools to agricultural sector It becomes a necessity to stimulate the interest of young people who can digitize this area and lead the creation of a positive future of food.

“So far only 30% of the sector is using this advance in crops. This shows the opportunities that exist in field transformationwhere young Mexicans can be agents of change by collaborating with their knowledge and work to increase crop production,” Flores points out.

For players in the sector, it is crucial that young people working in the field inject their DNA with the aim of strengthening and improving it diet and eradicate hunger based on technology and sustainability to guarantee the food security the population needs.

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