The importance of implementing a more robust shopping experience

Currently, customer experience It is one of the biggest competitive advantages.

  • This has resulted in the features of the product or service being offered, and even the price, lagging behind in terms of customer preference and brand loyalty.

Customer experience enables us to meet customer needs at a level of excellence to generate satisfying shopping experiences and is based on three pillars:

  • First, speed, where immediacy in solving problems is key
  • Second, it is the availability of attention, given that the client comes first
  • Third, the choice where the customer uses their preferred channel to contact the brand

These pillars require a technological architecture flexible that constantly adapts to changing consumer expectations while being profitable and productive at the same time.

At Ecosystems, we develop Customer Experience solutions for providing technical assistance when using a product or service from different companies, with the aim of providing customers with appropriate answers and solutions.” commented Cristian Correamanager of IT ecosystem services.

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Manage the shopping experience

Proper customer experience management requires technology and qualified personnel.

Currently, there is a wide availability of channels for contact between customers and companies such as telephone, e-mail, chats, websites and especially social networks.

That is why it is important to have a multi-channel tool in which the service center receives all user interactions on the same platform so that their requests can be dealt with in a timely manner.

In addition to these characteristics, the implementation of a good user experience will represent, not only a increasing the amount of sales or purchasesit already generates loyalty and propensity to buy compared to the competition.

User experience numbers

According to the study “Customer Experience Trends 2022.” Prepared by Zendesk, 47% of managers surveyed increased their ability to upsell when they offered the right customer experience service.

Bad Customer Experience Teams They must have metrics to measure effectiveness, these can range from simple tools such as surveys to measure user satisfaction levels and their willingness to share opinion in their circle of influence.

Each company has specific needs, so before implementing a Customer Experience solution, we conduct consulting services to understand the client’s needs and develop the best solution, which may include infrastructure services, software equipment and personnel; directly and to external collaborators by Ecosystems”, concluded the manager of the Ecosystem.

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