The key to standing out at the point of sale and winning over the customer

“It is not enough to make good products. You have to make people aware of what you’re doing.” That’s what marketing expert Phil Knight claims. Given the exponential number of products and the great battle of brands at the point of sale: “being seen is key”, say experts from the design and marketing company Adaequo.

Experts explain that product design and appearance, as well as the conception and finishing of its display, play a fundamental role in this sense. The purpose of the POS is to display and highlight the item above the others, and at the same time it must be functional in terms of its use. Furthermore, the design of a display case or display case aims to seduce the customer in order to make them buy.

Point-of-sale advertising is an increasingly widespread communication tool and companies today see it as indispensable. In fact, the latest data from Infoadex – a market study in Spain – shows an increase in investment in advertising at the point of sale (even during the crisis years), compared to other media that are losing ground, such as radio, television or newspapers.

PLV – experts explain – is a very effective instrument for standing out from the competition and conveying the image of the brand, since it is designed exclusively for a campaign, product or specific action. Through the creation, the client conveys the values ​​and messages he wants to convey, whether it is a small window display or a large showcase, and the concept is executed according to these guidelines.

A growing trend in the POS segment is the personalization of each project through a plan where creativity and materials are combined in the form of a unique display. The point of sale is a traditional place to buy and requires the possession of unique pieces that will surprise the consumer and capture his attention.

Research by the In-Store-Media agency reveals the importance of taking care of the point of sale because of the weight it has in the purchase decision, since it happens mostly without planning and mostly because of the attraction and surprise factor.

Experts state that the POS also affects the shopping experience of each individual who visits the store: it is able to surprise, excite and encourage them to buy. Point-of-sale advertising, moreover, adapts to the target it is aimed at, insofar as advertising adapts to the universe of the brand.

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