The mayonnaise line presents a new image of its packaging

Spain.- Ybarra presents a new image of its mayonnaisewhich stands for sustainability and respect for the environment.

  • Theirs new packaging glass and face down are 100% recyclable.

New design of the entire range of mayonnaise It has fewer elements and a retro or vintage cut. In addition, associated with a naturally homely, authentic and traditional taste, the line that will debut with upside down packaging consists of products:

  • classic
  • 100% olives
  • Special salad
  • Soft homemade and light

Sustainable packaging: essential in industry

They marked this year sustainability and environmental responsibility in business. So, hand in hand with this revolution, the concept of Ecological design as an alternative to sustainable packaging design.

The goal is the vision respect for the environment in the development and design of packaging in order to improve the quality of the final product.

  • In ecodesign, the environment takes on transcendental importance in product development.

Key to a the packaging is sustainable is to produce it in order to reduce the impact in all stages of production and marketing.

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The new design of the entire mayonnaise range has fewer elements and a retro or vintage cut.

Containers turned upside down

Current market trends have led Ybarra to adjust its entire mayonnaise offering ‘top down’ format. At the same time, we managed to reach another type of younger consumers who are looking for more functional products.

This type of packaging is more ecological and also includes a new improved valve for proper product pouring and better cap cleaning.

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