The Mexican foundation FEMSA will invest 22 million dollars in water

Mexico City (EFE) – The FEMSA Foundation, one of the most important in Mexico, has announced an investment of 22 million dollars in water sector and sanitation by 2030 during the Waves of Change event, which seeks to promote thinking about decision-making related to this issue.

The event was promoted as part of the Water Conference in New York by organizations such as FEMSA Foundation, in cooperation with One Drop Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Wavin, Heineken México and Coca-Cola. FEMSA.

In addition, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of the Government of Switzerland, the Government of Israel and the Ministry of Environment of the Government of South Korea participated.

The Forum noted that Latin America, which generally has 30% of the world’s water suitable for human consumption, also has approximately 160 million people who do not have access to safe water for human consumption.

In this context, Waves of change organized four events attended by nearly 400 people in person and more than 2,000 virtually.

One of them was “Be a drop that forms a wave” which featured an art installation created by more than 100 change agents from the Americas who, together with Spanish artist Inma Barrero, reflected and captured their essential connection. with water.

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Water: the protagonist of the forum

Lorena Guillé-Laris, Executive Director of the FEMSA Foundation, shared the joint commitment of her organization, the One Drop Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to continue collaborating on projects that contribute to providing access to safe water for 1 million additional people in Latin America.

Another event was the LATAM edition “Talking about what is not talked about”, where we thought about how to build resilient cities in the midst of the climate crisis, build bridges of communication and cooperation between different sectors and promote innovation and new solutions. help make food and beverage production less water-intensive.

The conversation lasted a total of 3 hours and was attended by 19 experts, including speakers and panelists from different countries and sectors.

Among them were the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García; Chris Williams, Director of UN-Habitat New York; Janet Tinsley, Director of Global Impact at; and Farmer Lee Jones, American farmer and owner of Chefs Gardens.

The event “Celebration of the source of innovation” was also held, where the importance of promoting innovation in the sector was highlighted.

At this event, it was stated that in Latin America only 20% of public service companies have innovation unitless than 10% practice innovation and only 2% have plans to innovate.

Likewise, the fundamental role of governments in the creation and implementation of real policies, programs and incentives that create favorable conditions for the spread of innovations and facilitating their reach to vulnerable population groups is highlighted.

As part of these events, the FEMSA Foundation announced a commitment to invest $22 million between now and 2030, while seeking allies to ensure that for every dollar invested there is an additional $5 from other partners who share the vision and action for the security of water resources in Latin America. America.

Photo: EFE/ Ángel Colmenares

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