The most seductive white chocolate

KitKat, Nestlé’s best-selling chocolate brand, has arrived in Argentina with the most anticipated product: KitKat White.

Argentina.- Three years after the arrival of the legendary brand in Argentina, Nestlé presents and adds to its family of products a new option for lovers of white chocolate.

With a unique and distinctive design of four fingers, the new KitKat White is here to stay and will follow the other two versions of the chocolate that took over the Argentinian break: the classic KitKat Milk and the more intense KitKat Dark. The new member of the KitKat family is now available in supermarkets and kiosks nationwide.

More than 55 years since the creation of the famous “Have a break, have a KitKat” worldwide, the brand is a true icon for chocolate lovers. Because of the ritual of consumption and the unique product, it is preferred by millions of consumers who choose it every day around the world as an ideal vacation to break with their routine.

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