The new clean label fights against iron deficiency

Frutarom Health BU presented a new approach to solving the problem of iron deficiency in vegan and vegetarian diets. AB-Fortis ® , a patented encapsulated iron system, supports vegans/vegetarians as well as mothers who commonly suffer from iron deficiency. AB-Fortis represents a to mark pure, non-GMO, all-natural, high in iron, and can be formulated into a wide range of food and beverage applications.

Studies in young people and adults have shown that vegetarian women and men (including vegans) have lower iron stores than meat eaters. “Because iron is not so easily absorbed, the recommended iron intake for vegetarians is almost twice that of non-vegetarians,” explained Wouter Haazen, product manager at Frutarom Health.

Iron is generally considered an essential nutrient in the human diet. As a key component of red blood cells, it is vital for oxygen transport. EFSA’s comprehensive scientific assessment concluded that iron is an essential nutrient that affects energy metabolism, cognition and the immune system, among other bodily functions.

Likewise, scientific studies show that iron deficiency It leads to anemia, causes chronic fatigue and breathing problems (even after little exertion), as well as palpitations and pale skin.

Traditional iron supplements have a strong metallic taste and strong oxidizing properties, both of which are undesirable for food. They are also difficult to digest and sometimes cause nausea, constipation, stomach problems and headaches.

AB-Fortis ® is manufactured using a patented process to ensure stable encapsulation with minimal release of free iron into the food matrix. Spherical gelation of ferric saccharide using calcium alginate leads to an encapsulated ferric salt with a high iron content (40%). Its excellent suitability for food matrices and consumer acceptance has recently been demonstrated in a bakery product intended for children.

The launch of food products suitable for vegetarians or vegans, with demand linked to iron, increased by 51% in 2014. Examples of ingredients linked to demand for iron are: pumpkin seeds, cocoa, chia, quinoa and lentils.

“These figures confirm the need for a high-concentration iron solution for vegan and vegetarian foods,” explained Haazen. “This microencapsulated iron ingredient allows for fortification without changing the appearance, taste and flavor of the food. AB-Fortis is stable at high pressures and temperatures, remaining intact during the process. In addition, it is highly bioavailable, as shown in a recent human clinical study,” he concluded.

AB-Fortis is manufactured by AB-Biotics Co., SA, Spain and exclusively sold by BU Frutarom Health, Switzerland.

Source: Frutarom BU Zdravlje

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