The new Keyence Simple Vision sensor

The equipment is more versatile and visually more stable than ever.

A new product, Series IV, has been added to the already well-known Keyence sensor family. This new series of vision sensors increases the stability and functionality of visual inspection.

Visual inspection solutions.

Series IV can handle hard-to-detect applications with ease. Keyence sensors It will typically replace multiple sensors with an all-in-one solution for multi-sensor applications parts must be exposed.

Tool set

The new IV-H models had increased stability and versatility with a new tool set. Previously, existing units used three discovery tools:

A drawing tool for discovering shapes and models.

Color detection

Position adjustment to accommodate change in orientation and position

Keyence has expanded its set for the new IV-H models. These new tools increase inspection stability and increase the number of applications IV can handle.

In addition to the three tools present in previous models, the IV-H also includes the following:

Width/height detection

Diameter detection

Checking the presence of edges

Edge pixel tool (for machining/finishing detection).

Easy to use

Vision software can usually be boring and difficult to use. To set up a new program in the IV software, the user only has to perform four steps. The tools are simple and intuitive, allowing operators to configure various visual software in about a minute. With the Ethernet/IP configuration wizard and Profinet, the IV vision sensor series is really easy to connect.

Keyence IV-H are revolutionizing the vision sensor market with their ability to easily handle a wide range of applications.

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