The new San Rafael Balance line

Low fat and reduced sodium.

San Rafael de Sigma Productos launches its new line of Balance sausages. It has a low fat content and a reduced sodium content, for those who want to enjoy good taste without neglecting well-being and health.

In their offer, they have various products that are made according to the highest quality standards, among which we highlight:

Ham Leg Balance: Fine ham from the hind leg of a pig. Ideal as a side dish to main dishes, a snack or in sandwiches, and due to the high protein content, it is great food for the whole family.

Vienna sausage balance: A soft and juicy sausage that is a few centimeters longer than others of its kind. Ideal because of its size for hot dogs, as seasoning in strong dishes. Food with high nutritional content that gives energy.

Balance of turkey chorizo: Turkey meat (100% turkey) with a typical chorizo ​​flavor with that characteristic spiciness. A product with reduced fat content and fewer kilocalories than pork chorizo. It is ideal as an ingredient in a meal, snack or in processed cheese.

Balance of turkey bacon: Fresh product, made from turkey meat. Product with reduced sodium content and 50% less fat and kilocalories than regular pork bacon. Its smell when frying awakens the imagination to complete more dishes.

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