The new Xeikon label printing machine

The founding of this team printing labels high-end is an important step in Xeikon’s strategy. The addition of the PX30000 model to the company’s portfolio enhances the market benchmark offering. With the new machine, label printers can opt for a toner or inkjet machine, a basic solution or a high-end production machine, with a five- to seven-color engine. A choice that depends on the commercial strategy of each client.

Features of the PX30000 printing equipment

  • It can be optimized using available Xeikon premium services.
  • The Xeikon PX30000 UV inkjet machine is a printing platform powered by the X-800 workflow.
  • The system supports an extended color gamut, is offered with two possible configurations (six or seven colors) and color management controls.
  • Maximum speed of 70 m/min (229 ft/min) and printing in opaque white.
  • Prints on media up to 340 millimeters (13.4 inches) wide.

In this regard, Filip Weymans, vice president of marketing at Xeikon, points out that the incorporation of the Xeikon PX30000 label printing system into their offer ensures greater reach. It reaffirms its commitment to the vision of a digital future for label and packaging production.

The manager points out that “as a company we apply a truly consultative approach, offering both toner and inkjet technology and, therefore, the most complete selection of digital solutions.”

Investing in the Xeikon PX30000 label printer, with its high productivity and expanded color gamut, represents a good opportunity for label printers working with premium products to provide brand managers with unique, creative, durable and high quality

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