The prices of recyclable materials are falling

The drop in the prices of recyclable materials, which reaches as much as 50 percent, discourages work on waste separation, said garbage collectors and businessmen in the recycling industry.

PET bottles, which are used for non-alcoholic drinks, reached the price of two pesos per kilogram until last year, and now they can be paid up to 50 cents. Aluminum cans used to sell for 14 pesos per kilo and now for seven; The average price of newspapers rose from one peso to 70 cents per kilogram.

Employees of one garbage truck “used to get 500 pesos a day for the materials they took out of the trash, and now they only get 250 pesos, which divided by five is only 50 pesos, so they don’t want any more.” “runaway” waste, said Jaime Velásquez Vega, of Industria Procesadora de Desechos, a winery located in Rincón Verde.

The only material that always has the same price and has not become cheaper is glass, which remains 50 Lipa per kilogram.

Source: El Universal

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