The promotion of ecological bags is progressing

In Rosario, a campaign called “wear it”, aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags that pollute the environment, promotes the sale at an affordable price of a reusable bag that allows customers to carry their everyday things in it.

One of the outreach strategies is to hold a competition for second and third year students in schools to find a picture that represents the campaign along with a research project on pollution caused by the use of plastic bags.

The second action is aimed at holding informative and educational workshops and talks that will take place in six municipal districts.

On the other hand, starting in June, supermarket chains installed in the city of Tucumán will not be able to deliver polyethylene or polypropylene bags to their customers. For this reason, they have intensified their campaigns to raise awareness about the environmental consequences these bags cause.

The small business ban in Tucuman will go into effect in December. Merchants who do not comply with the ordinance will be fined anywhere from $10,000 to double or triple, in case of repeat violations.

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