The solutions support compliance with the FSMA Act

The GLOBALG.AP certification system represents a new set of three solutions to support stakeholders in meeting the requirements of the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), as well as market expectations for good agricultural practice certification through optimized information and audit experience.

Fruit and vegetable producers who meet all the requirements of the GLOBALG.AP Integrated Agriculture Assurance Standard (IFA), a certification program recognized by GFSI, already meet most of the requirements of the GLOBALG.AP FSMA Product Safety Rules (PSR). GLOBALG.AP offers its FSMA PSR plugin to meet FSMA PSR requirements not specifically covered by the IFA standard. For manufacturers located in the United States or Canada, GLOBALG.AP offers this plugin free of charge.

Harmonized Product Safety Standard (HPSS)

GLOBALG.AP HPSS is a GFSI recognized food safety certification created specifically for the needs of fruit and vegetable producers in the United States. HPSS incorporates verbatim the Harmonized Standards of the GAP Produce Harmonization Initiative, administered by the United Produce Association, and complies with FSMA PSR version 1.1.

Product Handling Assurance (PHA) Standard.

The GLOBALG.AP Standard for Product Handling Assurance (PHA) covers production steps prior to post-harvest processing, including cooling, packaging, repackaging, handling and storage of products. It is available for handling operations in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean, and for operations worldwide that pack products in an open environment. FSMA requirements from the PSR and preventive controls for the Human Food Rule are included as appropriate. The PHA is currently in public consultation, will be introduced in summer 2018 and will begin the GFSI recognition process later this year.

GLOBALG.AP North America office staff will discuss these solutions at the United FreshTec Expo in Chicago in June, and the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit in Orlando in October.

Source: GLOBALG.AP c/o FoodPLUS

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