The tamarind flavor comes with Skyy Vodka ready to drink

Mexico.- Tamarind flavor is the most popular trend in the marketSo Skyy vodka launches its new sabor tamarind-Onpreserving the attributes that characterize this iconic drink.

The taste of tamarind has been in vogue in recent years and there are more and more products in which it can be found, such as: sweets, jams, drinks, ice creams, Mexican dishes, desserts, among others.

As for alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks, tamarind flavor It is one of the most accepted trends in the market due to its sweet taste and the multiple combinations that can be made with it, making it recognizable among younger consumers.

Skyy’s new tamarind flavor

The Skyy brand strives to listen to its consumers and offer them what they are looking for. That’s why they decided to create a new one sabor tamarind-ON preserving the attributes of the famous drink SkyyVodka:

  • The iconic blue bottle
  • A refreshing taste
  • Ready for presentation

“Tamarind is one of the favorite ingredients in Mexican cuisine because of its rich and distinctive sweet and sour taste. At SKYY, we want to be more connected to Mexico and return to these flavors that represent an important part of our culture,” says Lucía Olvera, Marketing Director of Campari Mexico and Central America.

Skyy Tamarind-ON is now available in grocery stores and major wine and liquor stores. When taken very cold, the “picos-on” mood is activated: lemon ice on the neck of the bottle, which adds a touch of piquín chili.

Properties of tamarind

Mexico is one of the largest producers and consumers tamarind In the world, this fruit belongs to a tree originating from tropical Africa, specifically Sudan, which stretches from the Cape Verde Islands to Yemen and Oman, and which arrived in our country naturally through the Spaniards.

One of the main ones benefits of tamarind It is a natural laxative, so it helps purify the body, naturally remove toxins and waste; This is also due to its not only laxative but also diuretic properties, making it an ingredient that helps in weight loss.

Its pulp stands out for its high content of thiamine or vitamin B1, which helps cells convert carbohydrates into energy and supplies the whole organism with it, especially the brain and nervous system.

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