The technology company AINIA had optimal growth in 2022

Technological center AINIAhad growth close 10% in 2022, with implementation 260 projectswho had an investment of 19.7 million eurosthis is due to increased activity in all its technology centers.

For Cristina Del Campo, General Manager AINIA2022 was a challenging year for the company because of its 35th anniversary of the center and for its consolidation as an international reference center in innovations in the agricultural and food, cosmetic, pharmacistchemicals and packaging.

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Numbers of AINIA in 2022

Con 19.7 million in revenue in 2022different perspectives that contribute a lot to the future of research are presented:

  • 260 projects were supported
  • They were taken out 111 million analytical tests
  • With 300 legal consultations food
  • With 169 consumer studies
  • In more than 2 million hours of training
  • 753 affiliated companies participated
  • In 37 events
  • Participation of 1,884 experts
  • And a shock return of 16.68 euros.

These researches represented a 10% Increase and within the event which highlighted there were webinars, seminars, conferences in hybrid and face-to-face format, fifth edition International Congress Meeting package and the participation of experts from AINIA as speakers at various events.

The future of technology for AINIA

A team of more than 250 professionals in 25 high-level disciplines qualifications, he sees with optimism new challenges in supporting companies with five fundamental pillars:

  • Food of the future
  • Food quality and safety
  • Health and well-being
  • Green transition
  • Digital transformation

In addition, results are expected to continue to increase and more companies will benefit from the technology.

A team of 250 experts sees 2023 as the optimal year for continuing technological research. Photo: AINIA.

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