The TVI portioning machine is known for its efficiency

GMS 400 universal portioning machine represents a turning point in terms of profitability and resource efficiency. It also enables small and medium producers to automatically portion fresh meat with maximum flexibility, portioning quality and performance.

This machine for the first time enables the portioning of aHigh tech and affordable with 3D training for medium-sized companies. It stands out for its significant savings potential, maximum flexibility, quality and efficiency and, above all, a resource-saving process.

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Maximum portioning quality

Portioning is a decisive factor for the profitable production of fresh meat. Not only costs arise here, but product quality and resource efficiency are particularly decisive. TVI’s compact, high-performance model meets all these requirements perfectly: it can process almost any type of meat and perform a wide variety of portioning tasks.

From pork loin to veal tapa, from roast pieces to carpaccio: GMS 400 gives every starter product a uniform shape and guarantees visually attractive portions.

“Our latest multi-talented machine is the first in the world in this price-performance category to enable flexible shaping and precise weight portioning in a single process step,” he says. Alois Allgaier, Managing Director of TVI Development and Production GmbH.

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porcinadora de carne
The GMS 400 is also online compatible with other TVI modules.

A machine that sets standards in terms of ease of use

It can be operated effortlessly and intuitively with minimal work. Pieces of meat are placed in the drawer on the side, much more ergonomically than when the machine is loaded from above. The process starts as soon as the tray is inserted into the machine.

In the first step, the product is perfectly shaped and measured in three dimensions. In the next step, divided into parts, without waste and with minimal cutting. The feed and stop plate determines the thickness of the slice according to the target weight. The parts are then dropped via a conveyor belt at an ergonomic height and introduced into the downstream process.

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