These are the innovations and sensory experiences of Ingredion

He Center for Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Preferences presented Ingredion in Mexicois part of the Ingredion Idea Labs Innovation Center, which opened its doors last November, aims to co-create the idea, solution, food and drink that consumers are looking for today, through sensory experiences.

This center will provide innovative solutions aimed at overcoming challenges such as reducing the use of sugar, nutritional care, more plant-based proteins and more textures that simplify processes. It’s about an offer sensory experiences to the trends currently demanded by the market.

In this sense, the company aims to offer the industry a variety of alternatives that make it easier to make decisions about what they want to do with their formulations. Currently, Ingredion has a campaign that is focused on providing an enhanced sensory experience to its customers.

For example, when reducing salt, texture is one of the product attributes that suffers because salt and sugar have different properties in food other than taste, and these are some of the challenges the industry faces.

Therefore, the company’s goal is to have alternatives and tools to help clients reformulate their product. Two natural ingredients stand out that help reduce sugar: allulose and stevia. In the case of reducing the salt in the sausage, a cornstarch solution is a good option.

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Sensory experiences and innovations for South America

Ingredion has appointed Jorge Elías as President of Ingredion for South America, whose main challenge is to accelerate the company’s performance in the region, focusing on specialized products.

To achieve this, the company works on five growth platforms, aligned with food consumption trends:

  • Proteins of vegetable origin
  • Reducing sugar
  • Ingredients for clean labels
  • Texturizers
  • Ingredient systems

The executive management indicated that their goal is to define strategies and actions that allow them to progress in specialties, not only quantitatively, but also by offering ingredients that are more and more in line with consumer needs and providing sensory experiences which can contribute to the acceleration of innovations in the food industry.

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