They add protein to ice cream

Spring and summer are the most suitable time for consumption refreshing food like ice cream, or at any time of the year when you have a desire for this dessert, but obesity problems have classified it among the foods that contribute to overweight and obesity when people consume it without moderation and responsibility towards their health.

Ice cream provides multiple benefits to the body. Neuroscientists from the Institute of Psychiatry in London discovered that eating ice cream gives the brain the same pleasure as listening to your favorite music.

Experts recommend its consumption to people over 40 years old to deal with everyday fatigue, and to adolescents to alleviate emotional crises. On the other hand, a scientific study conducted by Antica Gelateria del Corso (London) claims that ice cream is particularly beneficial for the mind, as it relieves stress and anxiety.

In order to offer people a delicious product without feeling guilty, the Mexican College of Bariatrics and the Be Care Medical Center clinic launched an ice cream without sugar and fat, made of whey protein, of high biological value, compatible with all model reduction diets and with all well-balanced nutrition schemes .

Mexican bariatrician, David Montalvo Castro, president of the Mexican College of Bariatrics (CMB), explained: “these ice creams, made from whey protein, contain a sweetener, and a 50g serving has >1g fat, >1g carbohydrates. They are ideal for consumption by diabetics, athletes, children and pregnant women because they feed instead of gaining weight and do not favor the formation of caries.”

The doctor commented that it is a 100% reliable product with a proven high nutritional level and also has an excellent consistency and taste. He adds that initially these ice creams will be sold in the Federal District and the metropolitan area, not excluding the idea of ​​expanding distribution in order to reach the entire Mexican Republic in a short period of time.

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